Jesuit High School Chapel

Tampa, FL

Reaching New Heights

By centuries, Jesuit High School is one of the oldest private schools in Tampa, Florida. Since 1899, the all-male school operates independently of the Roman Catholic Diocese, which is located in St. Petersburg.

In 2016, the school set out to renovate its 60-year-old chapel but discovered the structure would not withstand the pounding and sanding. In the spring of 2018, the school unveiled its newly constructed Chapel of the Holy Cross.

St. Cate installers hanged six paintings in arched niches of the chapel’s interior. The chapel is considered the heart of the campus.

Project Details

Client Jesuit High School
Date June 2018
Skills Installation

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

It took Jesuit High School in Tampa just two years to complete construction of its chapel. The new building sits spatially at the heart of the campus. Students use the chapel to attend daily Convocation, Sunday Mass, and other spiritual events.