Imagine Museum

Glass Art Installation

The IM collection includes major works of American art created by founders, leaders, current and emerging artists working in the field of studio glass. Known for glass handling expertise, St. Cate Fine Arts’ installs, restores, and preserves fine art for international artists including Dale Chihuly.

Project Details

Client Imagine Museum Florida
Date January 2018
Skills Installation
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Glass Art Handling

Glass art is where St. Cate Fine Arts got its start. Desmond Clark and Thaddeus Root annually restore and maintain the Las Vegas Bellagio’s Chihuly ceiling collection.

Glass installations require unique skills and patience. When you choose to work with our team, you’re choosing to work with experts who have more than 20 years experience as preparators for public and private museums.

No Project Too Big

Installing complex glass pieces like “Dancing Cells” by James Allen and Eric Hilton takes extreme care. The sheer weight and fragility of the art we handle require a team like St. Cate to get the job done correctly,