Concierge fine art services

St. Cate Fine Arts provides professional handling, care & maintenance of art collections for museums, corporate & private collectors. Serving the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Every aspect of our projects is diligently scrutinized, carefully planned and professionally executed, resulting in achieving our most paramount goal – satisfying our clients. Your expectations become our focus.

Our Services

Art Handling

  • Fine Art Installation and De-Installation
  • Small Scale and Monumental Sculpture Installation
  • Rigging, Hoisting and Crane Service
  • Institutional, Corporate, and Private Collections
  • Exhibition Design and Installation
  • Museum Preparatory Support
  • Single Object
  • Interior Design Installation

Crating & Transport

Packing can include soft wrapping, corrugated boxes, and custom crates.

Transportation customized to the client’s needs as well as secure delivery and receipt of shipments

We work with industry leading transportation and shipping companies to transport your art safely from coast to coast.

Each truck is equipped with climate control, maintaining temperature and humidity.

Photography & Collection Management

We provide professional fine art photography for documentation or marketing purposes.

Conservation & Restoration

We provide conservation management and maintenance services for a variety of mediums including bronze, marble, stone, glass, textiles, works on paper and paintings. The care and routine conservation of an artwork is very important to its protection and longevity.

Interior Design

With over 40 years of combined fine art installation experience, our fine art installation professionals have proudly shown their talents and knowledge on countless projects ranging from large-scale museum exhibitions to corporate and private collections.

With a wealth of innovative talent and expertise, St. Cate Fine Arts has the proven qualifications to transport and install fine art, sculptures, exhibits, and private collections.

Fine Art Storage

Whether you work for a museum, a gallery, or have amassed a private collection, we can accommodate all of your artwork in our air-conditioned art storage facility.  Our storage is a private closed warehouse, accessible by appointment only.  Monitored by a 24 hour security system, it offers a safe and secure storage option for the most valuable items.